Boo Expression Sheets

I’m posting this here mostly for myself, but I thought anyone reading might be interested too.

Before Sue’s Rock went down, I SiteSuck’ed the whole website, yoinking about 7 gigs of animation reference in the process. It’s proven to be an invaluable reference, though I still haven’t cataloged everything. I was poking through yesterday and found these expression sheets for Boo that I really liked. They’re rather appealing, somewhat cartoony, and I have no idea who they’re drawn by. But here they are.

Bikini Girl Ape Mask Drawing & Drinking Extravaganza was pretty neat. More later.


SketchCrawlin’ NYC 8/8/08

I just got back from a week and a half or so vacation back to the Easty Coasty. I spent 3 days Sketchcrawlin’ NYC (while staying at the very lovely & talented Linda Beck’s place in Woodside, and accomplished what is known in animation circles as a “Metric Shit-ton” of drawing. Some of the results, un-Photoshopped for once, flaws n’all. There’s a nice drawing I’m semi-happy with of the 71st St. Woodside 7-line stop that I gave to Linda. I’m just waiting for her to scan it to post.

After NYC, it was down to Forge’s place to piss off his fianceé/new bride at her wedding. Good job, Jimbo. Congrats to the new, happy couple!

After the wedding & general dumbness, I went back up to NH to see the puppies. One of them is having Cancer troubles and has maybe 2-6 months to live. It’s sad, but I’m glad I got to see him for one last time. Maybe I’ll go back in October.


Eastbound Out-of-sight


I’m off to NYC/the East Coast for a week and a half to attend Dan’s wedding (and meet his fianceé for the first time.)

I’m gonna be sketchcrawlin New York too. See y’alls latah!