Beach Fun

Stieg had a wonderful suggestion in the comments for the previous Hot on the Beach post. So I took a couple hours and updated it. I think I may get a couple copies printed. I’d get them spiral bound with no cover and no back page so that when you get to the end, you come back to the beginning.

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Hot on the Beach

Now It’s back to cleaning up the Dorothy turnaround before my Schoolism class starts on the 26th. Yeehaw!


Hot on the Beach

The loot from Christmas: 3 wonderful sets of Muppets toys including a kickass 9″ Sweetums fig and a great set of Gonzo/Rizzo from Muppet Treasure Island. Thanks, Mom!

Also: A shopping trip to Topo Ranch, courtesy of my lovely girlfriend. She’ll make a respectable man of me come hell or high water.

This was my pre-holiday project that turned into a post-holiday finished project.

Hot on the Beach

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