Pixel-polaroids for Charity #3

My good friend Mike Overbeck, currently living in San Francisco with his girlfriend.

Before I moved to California, I took a trip around the country in my Dodge Grand Caravan and visited San Francisco, staying in Mike’s place . Two days before I was supposed to leave, I got hit by a car while riding my bike, separating my shoulder and breaking my collarbone. Thanks to the fine folks at San Francisco General hospital, I was on painkillers that zonked me out.

Mike was so incredibly kind to put me up for a couple days before my flight back to New Hampshire to recover. He worked from home while I stayed up and watched nothing but Kathy Griffin’s “My Life on the D List”. Like I said, I was on painkillers and zonked out.

Thanks, Mike!


Pixel-polaroids for charity #2

There are a couple of funny things about my good friend Dan

Number one is that, in every single formal picture that he’s in, he does this fake half-smile where he shows his top teeth, but only at the corners of his mouth. He looks like a passive aggressive Tiger, threatened but too timid to strike. It’s pretty silly.

Two is that he’s sensitive about his eyes. I originally had dark circles under his eyes as part of the caricature, but he asked me to make him look “less Night of the Living Dead”. Fine fine, requests requests…

Three is that he wanted to look less “like a douche”. I’m still not sure what that means. I fake-airbrushed his cheeks so he looks like a Hollywood star.


As a revenge for the “notes”, I put him in the shirt that I stole from him about 9 months ago. On his wedding day. And I was a groomsman.

Here’s lookin atcha, buddy!