“We’ll Do It!” – #6

The last of the art from my pitch to Nickelodeon Development.

In one of the pitches, there’s a Gatekeeper that Kay & her brother must get past. The Gatekeeper is a sentient totem pole with 4 different personalities. How do you talk to a Gatekeeper that is constantly changing personalities?

Lastly, a general fun-dancing dude. He once got busy in a Burger King bathroom.

Thanks for lookin!


“We’ll Do It!” – #5

Yet more development from my pitch to Nickelodeon Development.

I keep thinking of this guy as an upper-cruster millionaire that creeps the hell out of everyone around him. Eccentric and slightly off. Like Richard Branson + Latka (from Taxi).

Since he’s mostly eye, his peripheral vision is pretty far reaching. He sees everything around him and doesn’t miss a beat.


“We’ll Do It!” – #4

More development from my pitch to Nickelodeon.

This woman’s a Junk Hag. Total hoarder. She thinks all the crap she surrounds herself with make her beautiful. She’s attached to everything, and it makes her ugly.


“We’ll Do It!” – #3

More development from my pitch to Nickelodeon Development.

Kay is the aggressive older sister. She’d fearlessly walk up to a menacing Trashworm and punch it in the nose if she thought it’d hurt her brother.


“We’ll Do It!” – #2

More development from my pitch to Nickelodeon.

I found the boy’s design pretty quickly, so went straight to boarding with him. Later on, I started pushing his eyes bigger to really amplify his naivety.



“We’ll Do It!” – #1

A couple of weeks back, I pitched 2 one-minute shorts to the development team at Nickelodeon. The idea features an aggressive take-no-prisoners older sister and her younger, forgiving-to-a-fault brother.

The two run a shop that will do any job they can, no matter how dirty or difficult. One day they might be battling Trashworms on a distant planet, and the next day delivering a pizza to the Duke Of The Universe.

I’ll be posting really rough sketches from various characters in the universe. These were mostly exploratory, not concentrating on good design or draftsmanship. Hope you enjoy.

These were designs for the main girl, tentatively named Kay.