Sketchcrawl, July 11th 2009 – Part 1

I went to the latest Sketchcrawl up in SF with my good friend Mike. I usually leave from LA around 7:30 on Friday and get into SF around 2AM, then get up at 9 to go drawing. This time, both Mike and I were feeling lazy so we didn’t get to the crawl until 12:30 and by then everyone had dispersed. AND I had forgotten pants, so I was pretty damn cold in the windy Presidio.

I was so cold, we jetted before the meeting got rolling. I didn’t get to meet/talk to Ronnie or Lindsey or anyone that I knew from previous crawls. I did get to see my friend Su, who is up at Pixar now as an animator. Good times.

Here’s part 1 of the Crawl drawings… Other parts to follow. Some of these are from later Cafe drawings.



You know all those little moments in a relationship when you have to suppress your basic instincts? When you agree to yourself to not do the thing that every fiber of your being is telling you to do? When you have to desperately hold yourself back from uttering the words or taking the action that you’re not supposed to?

This film is about not holding back from those instincts.


I’ve been going through a cycle of studying the classics in order to improve my art, then bouncing back to doing some personal work. My awesome animator co-worker Ajay Karat is going to help me animate the film. My personal goal is to have it finished by September so I can show it to people on my iPhone while cruising around the Ottawa Fest.