Tai-Jutsu Stress!

A couple of my coworkers (Fawn & Carrie) as well as Kris & Michael and other storyboarders have been posting little stories about adventures. I got inspired to write one about a recent experience…

One day a couple of weeks ago, one of the creators of the show I work on invited me to his Tai-Jutsu class. His name starts with a J too, so I’ll call him JToo.

He’s a black belt in a couple of martial arts (I think… don’t hurt me!) and has been doing it for many many maaaaany years. I’m a total n00b to the martial arts. I like going on adventures and making a fool of myself, so I thought “Why not!?”

Tuesday. I show up, and I’m one of the tallest in the class. It always makes me a little nervous to stick out, even though I’m not a giant (I’m only 6’3″!). But I decided to get over it in the spirit of adventure.

We tumbled, rumbled, trumbled, tussled… and I painfully rolled on my neck a couple of times. Generally it was fun though!

Thursday. I come again for another class. This time JToo is there. Again, he’s a black belt, and I’m kinda nervous. Cause… y’know… he employs me.

We bow, do our thing, and then Sensei tells me to try a particular move out on JToo. JToo grabs my wrist, and I’m supposed to do a little ditty of a move that results in taking him down. AHHHHHH I’m about to poop my Gi!

I always have this innate fear of hurting other people. JToo is completely supportive…

…but I leave the class terrified that I had hurt him.

Friday. At work, I can’t help but shake an innate fear somehow I’m gonna get punished for taking down a dude who helps sign my paychecks.

Luckily, Friday 6pm came & went without that little pink slip. Yay for still having a job!


Deadly Moves

A friend and I started taking beginner Tai-Jutsu classes. It’s extremely humbling. This is probably the only deadly move I’ll ever be able to do.