Cats are on the Upgrade

So I’ve been working on some weird projects lately. I’ve really gotten into building Flash games at the 9-5 gig – it satisfies both the artist and the engineer in me. Mr. Karat and Mr. McKenzie have been obscenely helpful in helping me understand what goes into a Flash game. I like how putting together a game is like building a little family and a world for them to live in. Sort of the same as building a film, but on a smaller scale and with less time for exploration.

I built a bunch of little “Chatterbots” that walk across the screen like those chattering teeth that were so popular in the 80’s. Will most likely post those soon.

I’m still doing a lot of life drawing and trying to learn about dimensional & solid shape. You know, the little stuff. I’ve also been drawing my interpretation of the Wizard of Oz characters (a la Lambey) in an attempt at the Disney style. Hoo-ah.

I haven’t bought an iPhone, nor have I seen The Dark Knight yet. So y’all can suck my butthole.

A car alarm is honking exactly in time with the Nostalgia 77 track I’m listening to. Crazy.


Aborted Hampsters

Aborted in the sense that they were discarded for other ideas. Drawings done by the inimitable Jimmy Cross. Cleanup/Color by me.

I could have pushed it more solid, but I was having fun with color choices and wasn’t paying attention to the form as much. Ah well, time limits all projects.



I thought “LA Story” was mostly fiction.

After 2 and a half years here, it plays more like a documentary.


Face Doodlies

Here’s a small page of face doodlies from the last week or so. I kinda devolved from studying somethingoranother to making random faces. It’s always kinda fun underanalyzing.

Life drawing at the ‘Bux is going well, and Monday’s class is breaking some new ground for me in analysis of the body. The results are all experimental at this point, so no posty posty.

JTQ3 was on QVC on Saturday! A man who rides a Harley, has tattoo sleeves and draws Winnie the Pooh for a living… Classic.