SketchCrawl 19 – 6.21.08

Last week, I drove up to San Francisco for my third consecutive SF SketchCrawl. Even though I got into SF at 2AM, picked up my great (drunk) friend Terrence and his lovely (and drunk) wife Lesa, drove them back to Berkeley and passed out around 3:15… then woke up at 9 for the Crawl… I still had a great time.


Here’re my Crawl results. I think I’m going to switch from pen/Ink to pen/Watercolor. I keep hitting this weird mental barrier about 15 minutes into each drawing where I’m thinking “Man I’m adding too much detail all around. Maybe I should block out large swatches of black just to drive the composition stronger.” So what i’m going to try next time is starting out with large blocks of watercolor to get the general shape & feel, then go in and add detail with ink.

I will just have to remind myself to stay light.