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Home is a board-driven show. I directed these episodes, my partner Dakota & I wrote/storyboarded them. Episodes are available on Netflix.

Home 112
"Boov Flu Blues

Oh gets the Boov Flu.

Home 123
"Adventures in Sitting on Babies"

K-Trong asks Tip & Oh to babysit for him.

Home 147

Tip wants to win a Boov game.

Home 201
"Queen of Police"

Tip becomes the Boov Queen of Police and dissolves all rules.

Home 220
"The Great Chicago Hot Dog Crisis"


ToromTellum was created by me and is now playing on nick.com

ToromTellum Pilot
"Best Flavr Evar"

Torom invents a new flavor of magical froyo that has magical consequences.

ToromTellum Short #1

Torom loses his temper.

King Julien is a CG show storyboarded in Photoshop. Episodes are available on Netflix.

King Julien 121
"Body Double"

King Julien hires a body double. The double decides to ascent to the throne.

King Julien 117
"True Bromance"

Maurice and King Julien break up. Maurice accidentally hires The Rat King to kill King Julien

King Julien 124
"Body Double"

King Julien falls in love with legends about him that are totally made up.

BreadWinners was boarded in Flash from a radioplay. The timing was adjusted to fit the action.

BreadWinners 020
"Buhdeuce Goes Berzerks"
Buhdeuce gets a bad haircut and goes on a rampage!

BreadWinners 017
"Diner Ducks"

Buhdeuce & SwaySway frantically try to run Pumpers' Restaurant.

BreadWinners 014
"Qwazy for Vanessa"

Oonski the Great falls in love with the bros' Rocket Van.

Fairly OddParents was boarded & sheet timed like a traditional Hanna-Barbera cartoon.

Fairly OddParents 394
"Fairly OldParent Part 2"

To rescue Poof from Mrs. Crocker, Timmy and Wanda must pretend to be old people

Fairly OddParents 389
"Turning into Turner"

Using Timmy's DNA, Crocker pretends to be Timmy from the future.

Fairly OddParents 384
"Lame Ducks"

Dad starts a neighborhood watch group.

Puss in Boots is a CG show storyboarded in Photoshop. No episodes have yet aired.

Puss in Boots 103
"Toby or not Toby"

Thieves have invaded San Lorenzo, and Toby wants to help!