iPhone Three-Jigga

I joined the hordes of iPhone Yuppies last night… I lost my Pink RZR somewhere in SF. Actually, it probobably took off from my pocket to frolic with its friends in San Francisco. My friend Teddy put it nicely: “It’s in a happier place now.”

So I bought an iPhone, and snagged Flipbook. It’ll be fun to play with while waiting in line, on the pooper, or stuck in massive traffic.

Overseas customers used to come into the store and ask for the “iPhone four-jigga” or “iPhone eight-jigga”, referring to the size (4gb or 8gb). Now they come in and get confused as to what 3G means… So they ask for “iPhone three-jigga eight-jigga” meaning iPhone 3G, 8gb. Hilarious.

But SketchCrawl went really well, save losing my phone and having to retrace my steps for 2 hours. I went to Pixar, had dinner with Chris Chua and his wife and got reinvigorated.